1.      Semi-Autonomous Consensus: Network Measures and Adaptive Trees     
  2.      Internet Traffic Classification by Aggregating Correlated Naive Bayes Predictions 
  3.      GPU Computing for Parallel Local Search Metaheuristic Algorithms
  4.      Fast Deep Packet Inspection with a Dual Finite Automata
  6.      A Proxy-Based Approach to Continuous Location-Based Spatial Queries in Mobile Environments
  7.      Target Detection in Bistatic Radar Networks: Node Placement and Repeated Security Game

  8.      Detecting Covert Channels in Computer Networks Based on Chaos Theory

  9.      Distributed Multiple Constraints Generalized Side lobe Canceler for Fully Connected Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks

  10.  Security Analysis of a Single Sign-On Mechanism for Distributed Computer Networks

  12.  Harvesting-Aware Energy Management for Time-Critical Wireless Sensor Networks With
  13.  Joint Voltage and Modulation Scaling

  15.  Mesh Networks Using Network Coding

  16.  Importance of Coherence Protocols with Network Applications on Multicore Processors
  17.  Prediction of Short-Term Traffic Variables Using Intelligent Swarm-Based Neural Networks
  18.  VANET-enabled Eco-friendly Road Characteristicsaware Routing for Vehicular Traffic
  19.  A Low-Complexity Turbo Decoder Architecture for Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks
  24.  Cooperative Packet Delivery in Hybrid Wireless Mobile Networks: A Coalitional Game Approach
  26.  On Exploiting Transient Social Contact Patterns for Data Forwarding in Delay-Tolerant Networks
  28.  On the Use of Cooperative Physical Layer Network Coding for Energy Efficient Routing
  29.  DRINA: A Lightweight and Reliable RoutingApproach for In-Network Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
  34.  A Survey on Distributed Topology Control Techniques for Extending the Lifetime of Battery Powered Wireless Sensor Networks
  36.  Passive Measurement of Interference in WiFi Networks with Application in Misbehavior Detection
  37.  Cooperative Carrier Signaling: Harmonizing Coexisting WPAN and WLAN Devices
  39.  Antecedence Graph Approach to Checkpointing for Fault Tolerance in Mobile Agent Systems
  43.  Refining Reputation to Truly Select High-QoS Servers in Peer-to-Peer Networks


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