E-Cruitment Solutions (ECS) is a Delhi headquartered HR Consulting & Software Development Company maintaining ISO 9001:2008 standards and having its branches in Pondicherry &Chennai. E-Cruitment Solutions expertise in IT consulting services (Software Development, Web Development, IEEE Projects Development & Software Training) , HR consulting services (Recruitment and Staffing), Medical Coding Certification & English& Hindi Language Enhancement Training
ECS is a nationally recognized organization that has been headquartered in Delhi, India fulfilling organizational staffing requirements. ECS is known for its Executive Search and Headhunting Skills, delivers the superlative HR Solutions. Being focused on quality, our forte has been our TAT (turnaround time) which is most essential.
"An organization that is committed to creative teamwork will ride the wave of the future. They will go beyond the realm of assumptive thinking and welcome the dawn of innovation...because there is nothing more empowering than an idea whose time has come."
ECS attributes of candidate counseling, Career Analysis have been quite resourceful to the applicants. Candidate Retention being a major challenge faced by all the corporate, ECS shoulders the responsibility of organizations and individuals in finding the exact match in terms of Job and individuals. Our strong network of clients, our recruits and their references and our wide arena of services are helping us brand our HR services portfolio and extend our innovative and cost effective services.
ECS is a full spectrum Human Capital Service Company. Our Professional approach enables us to work with perseverance and total commitment, which makes us different from other service providers.

What makes ECS different?

www.ecruitments.com  By leveraging our international network and staffing expertise - diversified across service lines and industry sectors - to provide advanced professional advice and services, ECS is prepared to guide our clients through their most complex and challenging staffing activities. This enables us to progress with the changing staffing, business and economic conditions nationwide, and to provide our clients with the best possible HR services and solutions.

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