Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bank locker security system based on RFID and GSM technology


The main goal of this paper is to design a locker security system using RFID and GSM technology which can be organized in bank, secured offices and homes. In this system only authenticated person can recover money from locker. We can implement a locker security system based on RFID (Radio –frequency identification) and GSM technology containing door locking system using RFID and GSM technology which can activate ,authenticate and validate the user and unlock the door .The main advantage of using passive RFID and GSM is more secured than other systems .This system consists of microcontroller ,RFID reader , GSM modem ,keyboard and LCD .The RFID reader reads the id number from passive tag and sends to the microcontroller where it checks whether it is of valid person or not (from stored data in memory of microcontroller) .If the id number is valid then microcontroller sends the SMS request to the authenticated person’s mobile through GSM, for getting original password to open the bank locker. When the person sends the password to the microcontroller, it will verify the passwords entered by the keyboard (by person present in front of locker) and received from authenticated person’s mobile phone .If these two passwords are matched then locker will be opened otherwise it will remain in locked position .This system is more secured than other systems because two passwords are required for verification and the valid person can type password from his mobile and keypad of locker which should be same as that of stored (initially during account opening) .This system can also create a log containing check-in and check-out of each user along with basic information of user. 

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