Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Detecting and warning system for fireworks warehouse based on wireless sensor networks


                   Wireless sensor network has a very wide range of applications, and multipoint detection is one of important research areas of wireless sensor network, that can be widely used in the areas of human’s life, such as fireworks warehouses, agricultural greenhouses and other fields. The applications such as fireworks warehouse have strict requirements on temperature and humidity, therefore, to detect the temperature and humidity in real time effectively in these areas is a very important issue. In order to ensure that the fireworks do not degenerate in the storage period or happens security incidents (such as spontaneous combustion, etc.), maintaining the temperature and the relative humidity inside the warehouse is an important condition. For the problem that fast changing of temperature and humidity may cause spontaneous combustion in the process of fireworks warehouse storage, a real-time detection warning system based on wireless sensor network is designed. It collects the current temperature and humidity of the warehouse in real time under the working of temperature and humidity collection model by sensor nodes deployed in hot zone of the warehouse, and it processes the values from temperature and humidity collection model quickly with decision module and upload the values to control center, where the values are evaluated by the control center, after evaluation the center can take real-time scheduling in order to adjust the ventilation adjustment. When the temperature is close to the warning value, Kalman filter prediction module is activated, which will analysis and forecast the temperature trend timely so as to provide accurate quantitative data for operator, and to get early warning, at the same time to be able to play the role of starting fire fighting facilities to fire. Platform for test and simulation experiments show that the system is stable and effective.

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