Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Energy management in an automated solar powered irrigation system


                       The projected population of India being 1500 million by 2050 and agriculture remaining as the primary source of livelihood in rural areas, the focus should be on the increase of productivity. Though our country claims to have developed in terms of science and technology, erratic power supply or complete breakdown for hours together has almost become routine today. Solar power is being increasingly utilized worldwide as a renewable source of energy. India has huge untapped solar off-grid opportunities. This paper gives information about development procedure of an embedded system for Off-Grid irrigation system. The design projects on developing an intelligent controlled mechanism for best possible utilization of resources for irrigation. The farmer (user) can water the fields from any place using GSM technique which provides an acknowledgement message about the job status. The main advantage of this project is optimizing the power usage through water resource management and also saving government’s free subsidiary electricity. This proves an efficient and economy way of irrigation and this will automate the agriculture sector.

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