Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Eye Control System Base on Ameliorated Hough Transform Algorithm


                     This paper proposes an eye control system employing eye gaze tracking techniques that might be helpful for those limb disabled people with healthy eyes. Eye gaze tracking technique is attracting more and more research interest in recent years. Aiming at overcoming the shortcomings of existing methods (e.g. high hardware complexity and low detection accuracy), we utilize the pupil-corneal reflection technique to develop an ameliorated Hough transform algorithm, which is the core unit of the proposed system. We also design a typing function as well as an efficiently blink detection function. With these functions, users can input numbers into the computer with their eyes only via a specifically designed head mount eye control device. Experiments results demonstrated that the proposed ameliorated Hough transform algorithm enjoys a satisfactory typing accuracy of 87%, much higher than its counterpart in the literature.

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