Tuesday, 3 December 2013

GSM Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading System with Instant Billing


                 Electrical power has become indispensable to human survival and progress. Apart from efforts to meet growing demand, automation in the energy distribution is also necessary to enhance people’s life standard. Traditional meter reading by human operator is inefficient to meet the future residential development needs. The technology of e-metering (Electronic Metering) has gone through rapid technological advancements and there is increased demand for a reliable and efficient Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system. This paper presents the design of a simple low cost wireless GSM energy meter and its associated web interface, for automating billing and managing the collected data globally. The proposed system replaces traditional meter reading methods and enables remote access of existing energy meter by the energy provider. Also they can monitor the meter readings regularly without the person visiting each house. A GSM based wireless communication module is integrated with electronic energy meter of each entity to have remote access over the usage of electricity. A PC with a GSM receiver at the other end, which contains the database acts as the billing point. Live meter reading from the GSM enabled energy meter is sent back to this billing point periodically and these details are updated in a central database. A new interactive, user friendly graphical user interface is developed using Microsoft visual studio .NET framework and C#. With proper authentication, users can access the developed web page details from anywhere in the world. The complete monthly usage and due bill is messaged back to the customer after processing these data.

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