Tuesday, 3 December 2013

MCEP based intelligent vehicle with multitask management


                    One of the greatest threats to your safety is not in the workplace, but rather on the road. Someone is injured every 18 seconds. Many of the survey report about vehicle accident say that, accidents are happening due to driver’s drowsiness and over speed. Drunk and driving is another factor for accidents. If these mistakes are corrected accidents can be reduced, not hundred percent but up to the satisfied level. If accidents occurred, immediate first aid and treatment is necessary to save life. So once accident happened informing it immediately to nearby hospital and ambulance service is very important. But if there is no neighbor the case may be severe. Keeping all these in mind a new idea is proposed which can perform the necessary steps to prevent accident. It can prevent the accidents and incase if accident happened system will inform the owner and ambulance about this accident. The alcohol sensor available in the proposed system alerts the owner such that “Drunk and Driving” and it will not allow engine to start. In case alcohol consumption is sensed at the time of driving, engine will slowly OFF after giving pre-warning sound. Steering wheel grip sensor is used to detect driver’s drowsiness and alert the diver not to sleep. Finally when accidents occurred, the system will automatically send a text message to ambulance service via GSM network. The system also records the parameters like speed and engine temperature in permanent storage during the time of accident. It helps to identify the reason for accidents.Temperature sensor is used to detect the engine temperature and LCD screen displays the system’s status. MEMS accelerometer is used to detect the accident, and during this accident speed is recorded in permanent memory for later reference.

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