Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Prototype of a fingerprint based licensing system for driving


              To prevent non-licensees from driving and therefore causing accidents, a new system is proposed. An important and very reliable human identification method is fingerprint identification. Fingerprint identification is one of the most popular and reliable personal biometric identification methods. The proposed system consists of a smart card capable of storing the fingerprint of particular person. While issuing the license, the specific person’s fingerprint is to be stored in the card. Vehicles such as cars, bikes etc should have a card reader capable of reading the particular license. The same automobile should have the facility of fingerprint reader device. A person, who wishes to drive the vehicle, should insert the card (license) in the vehicle and then swipe his/her finger. If the finger print stored in the card and fingerprint swiped in the device matches, he/she can proceed for ignition, and otherwise ignition will not work. Moreover, the seat belt detector verifies and then prompts the user to wear the seat belt before driving. This increases the security of vehicles and also ensures safe driving by preventing accidents.

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