Wednesday, 4 December 2013

RFID Based E-monitoring System for Municipal Solid Waste Management


                    Management of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is one of the most critical environmental challenges. A lot of polluting sources like haze, emissions are generated from the indiscriminate dumping of MSW. MSW includes household’s refusal and solid wastes generated from industrial, commercial and institutional establishments such as hospitals, markets, streets and industry etc. Now-a-days with the increase of population of a country, proper management of cumulative of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) becomes more acute for maintaining green environment. In conventional approach a number of trucks collect the MSW and then transport and transfer these MSW in a pre-specified location, but all the above jobs are not properly monitored. It is very important to monitor the trucks and record the information related to the collecting time and area from a central location to ensure the job well done. This project exploits the tremendous power of RFID technology and presents the development of an electronic monitoring (e-monitoring) system to overcome the above problem in the conventional approach. The proposed e monitoring system is an embedded system that consists of RFID technology interfaced with PIC micro-controller and a web based computerized software. It has been tested in the laboratory environment as well as in the field environment. The test results show that the system functions properly and is working real time. Municipal authority can monitor the SW collecting status through the system and can generate different reports to improve the performance of their service. The prototype developed in this project can be further improved and used for commercial purpose.

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