Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Solar Powered Water Quality Monitoring system using wireless Sensor Network


                    One of the important and basic barrier is world’s population does not have safe water for drinking. The situation is even worse in some developing countries, where dirty or contaminated water is being used for drinking without any proper & prior treatment. One of the reasons for this happening is the ignorance of public & administration and the lack of water quality monitoring system and which creates serious health issues. The idea struck into mind that a system should be implemented so that it can monitor water quality in easy way so that some important and critical factors of water can be easily analyzed to take preventive actions for quality maintenance. The idea of ‘Underwater Wireless Sensor Network’ (UWSN) is the basic building block of a water quality monitoring using wireless sensor network (WSN) technology powered by solar panel. To monitor water quality over different sites as a real-time application, an excellent system architecture constituted by distributed sensor nodes and a base station is suggested. The nodes and base station are connected using WSN technology like Zigbee. Design and implementation of a prototype model using one node powered by solar cell and WSN technology is the challenging work. Data collected by various sensors at the node side such as pH, turbidity and oxygen level is sent via WSN to the base station. Data collected from the remote site can be displayed in visual format as well as it can be analyzed using different simulation tools at base station. This novel system has advantages such as no carbon emission, low power consumption, more flexible to deploy at remote site and so on.

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