Wednesday, 4 December 2013

VehNode: Wireless Sensor Network platform for automobile pollution control


                 The strength of sensor networks is quite vast when it is applied for collecting physical data in real time and storing for further analysis. The impossible measurements by conventional methods have now become possible by using this technology. Air quality which is one of the most important factors for the sustainable development and is one of the challenging areas researchers dealt with long time. The major source of environment pollution happens to be Vehicular Pollution. The high influx of vehicles to urban areas, and conventional pollution control measures used by concerned agencies has led to the drastic increase of air pollution. Here we address this problem by introducing VehNode, a WSN based Vehicular pollution monitoring platform which is capable of measuring different types of pollutant concentrations contained in smoke produced by the vehicle and reports the status automatically whenever required to the concerned agencies. We assure the existence of Wireless Sensor Network platform for automobile pollution control focusing on an easy accessibility of real time data via the Web by following the Web of Things approach. This will form a basis to connect each vehicle as an entity for a web of things infrastructure enabling the direct interaction with existing web applications of the concerned agencies. The real time data will be available to three main groups of users: Owner of the Vehicle, Traffic department and national environmental agencies.

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