Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Way-finding Electronic Bracelet for Visually Impaired People


                   Performing routine daily-life activities without vision presents a big challenge for visually impaired people. A long white cane is the tool that most visually impaired people choose as it is the most basic, versatile and low maintenance option. Way-finding Electronic Bracelet (WEB) for visually impaired (subject) is a portable embedded system for obstacle detection and way-finding. This MSP430G2553 processor based real-time system employs single Maxbotix MB1340 ultrasonic transceiver mounted on customized circular bracelet for detecting obstacle in the range 20 to 600 centimeters. Half duplex wireless communication is used for invoking vibrotactile and audio cues at receiver side. Maintaining a safety margin distance in front, left and right direction, WEB dynamically calculates obstacle distance (if any). Using on-demand hand movements, subject can understand surrounding situations and can perform successful way finding. WEB system is available with choice of optimum hardware as per wearable comfort and requirement of subject. Preliminary trials on blindfolded subjects, WEB demonstrated substantial potential for cost-effective wearable real-time system with minimum physical interface for mobility of visually impaired people.

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