Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wireless black box using MEMS accelerometer and GPS tracking for accidental monitoring of vehicles


           The motorcycle accident is a major public problem in many countries. Despite awareness campaign, this problem is still increasing due to rider's poor behaviors such as speed driving, drunk driving, riding with no helmet protection, riding without sufficient sleep, etc. The numbers of death and disability are very high because of late assistance to people who got the accident. These cause huge social and economic burdens to people involved. Therefore, several research group and major motorcycle manufacturers including have developed safety devices to protect riders from accidental injuries. However, good safety device for motorcycle is difficult to implement and very expensive.In earlier system, the accident cannot be intimated to the emergency vehicle automatically. There should be the need of manual power. So we go for the proposed system to overcome the disadvantageIn proposed system, the vehicle is connected with the GPS, GSM modem, Mems accelerometer, relay driver and DC motor. When the vehicle met with accident the sensor value will become abnormal, then the message will be sent to the corresponding person via GSM modem. The GPS will receive the location continuously so the message will contain the location of the accident also

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