Wednesday, 4 December 2013

ZIGBEE Based Pothole Detection System for Vehicular Safety


              The existing road networks vary in age, condition and performance. In order to monitor the ongoing performance several maintenance programs have been established. There has been increasing load on the Road infrastructure with increase in world’s population, because Roads are flooded with vehicular traffic. It has become difficult for the driver to manage in this scenario. This is the prime motivation behind making a vehicle intelligent enough to aid driver in various aspects. In this paper, we present a ZigBee based pothole detection system to warn the driver about the road conditions while driving, thus avoid possible accidents. Road conditions has worsened due to many reasons like rains, oil spills, road accidents or wear and tear; which make the road difficult to drive upon. During driving in the night, just the headlights might not be a sufficient assistance for driver. Unexpected hurdles on road may cause more accidents. Also because of bad road conditions, fuel consumption of the vehicle increases; causing wastage of precious fuel. All these reasons urge that it is important to get information of such bad road conditions, collect this information and distribute it to vehicles, which in turn can warn the driver.

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