Friday, 29 November 2013

Communication and Load Balancing Using SCADA Model Based Integrated Substation

                      Research and development in control and automation technology for industrial applications has increased rapidly to meet industry’s evolving needs in control and automation systems. With the increase in automation, the industrial control systems are automated with computers. Computer control and monitor the industrial operations that exist in the physical world with virtual simulation tools. In this paper, we present a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) based fully automated master station in the integrated substations environment. The idea is, to enable all the substations to communicate with master station and to balance the load through SCADA model. The scenarios we are taking into the consideration include automatic load balancing. Load is balanced in two modes namely, manual mode and automatic mode. This model helps the engineers and research scholar to test their system before the real implementation. This model for integrated substations drastically reduces the time latency if compared with conventional model. It reduces the time as well as human intervention in the critical tasks such as responding to faults, load balancing actions, etc. The proposed model is fast, scalable, flawless and robust.The proposed model has a supervisor (PC) which Communicates with the remote terminal unit, processing the variable parameters and controlling the systems. The RTU is a local controller in distributed processes environmental which acquires the data from sensors, process the collected data puts the required data together, forming the frame for transmitting to the SUPERVISORY CONTROLS (S.C). RTU also receives and processes Control commands from S.C. and executes them accordingly. The communication utilizes a full duplex communication for data transmission between S.C. and RTU. 


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