Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Design and Development of Digital PID Controller for DC Motor Drive System Using Embedded Platform for Mobile Robot (agriculture)


                    Nowadays there are increasing awareness and development of agriculture mobile robots around the world. In Agriculture industry, plants are prone to diseases caused by pathogens and environment conditions and it is a prime cause to lose of revenue. It requires continuous monitoring of plants and environment parameters to overcome this problem. Mobile robots can be an effective tool to reduce the production cost and manpower in agriculture. It can be used for smart inspection of agriculture field. Several soil and atmospheric parameters can be monitored wirelessly with the help of mobile robots. A mobile Robotic system for monitoring these parameters using wireless network has been envisaged here and developed based on PIC microcontroller. Robotic platform consists of PIC16F877A, Motor driver, robot mechanical assembly. The farm environment and plant condition such as temperature, humidity soil moisture content etc. are continuously monitored through suitable data acquisition system incorporated in the robotic system. A servo motor based robotic arm is designed for collecting soil sample and test various soil parameters. A closed loop feedback algorithm based on Digital PID controller has been developed for precise position and speed control of mobile robot. The wireless control of mobile robot and monitored data acquisition is accomplished using zigbee wireless protocol. For displaying acquired data on host system a Graphical user interface is designed using qt creater framework. For independent functioning of mobile robot, application program is written in c language and cross compiled using MPLAB compiler and ported on the memory of PIC microcontroller.

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