Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Electronic Speaking Glove for Speechless Patients a Regional Tongue to a Dumb


                        In general, deaf people have difficulty in communicating with others who don’t understand sign language. Even those who do speak aloud typically have a “deaf voice” of which they are self-conscious and that can make them reticent. The Hand Talk glove is a normal, cloth driving glove fitted with flex sensors along the length of each finger and the thumb. The sensors output a stream of data that varies with degree of bend. The output from the sensor is analog values it is converted to digital and processed by using microcontroller and then it will be transmitted through wireless communication (RF), then it will be received in the Receiver section and processed using responds in the voice using speaker.In this project Flex Sensor Plays the major role, Flex sensors are sensors that change in resistance depending on the amount of bend on the sensor. They convert the change in bend to electrical resistance - the more the bend, the more the resistance value. They are usually in the form of a thin strip from 1"-5" long that vary in resistance from approximately 10 to 50 kilo ohms. They are often used in gloves to sense finger movement. Flex sensors are analog resistors. They work as variable analog voltage dividers. Inside the flex sensor are carbon resistive elements within a thin flexible substrate. More carbon means less resistance. When the substrate is bent the sensor produces a resistance output relative to the bend radius. With a typical flex sensor, a flex of 0 degrees will give 10K resistance with a flex of 90degrees will give 30-40 K ohms. The Bend Sensor lists resistance of 30-250 K ohms.In this system we use Radio Frequency Signal to transmit the signal from transmitters to Receptors, in this project we have used microcontroller, a speech IC and also a speaker to produce the output.

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